Through our offices in Portugal, we build and manage a list of health professionals interested in working in the UK.
If you have vacancies to fill, let us know about the profile of candidates you require; we will then prepare and submit a shortlist of candidates for those positions. Please email us with your requirements by filling in the contact form on the Contact Us page.
Should you require specialised staff, which we might not have amongst the existing list of candidates, we can advertise the position for you and search for suitably qualified people on your behalf. We have the local knowledge to contact professional associations and universities – which will all assist in finding the right individual.

We plan and organise the interviewing process to fit your requirements: from holding recruitment events or setting up preliminary long distance interviews (by telephone or online), to organising face-to-face interviews in Portugal or the UK; we also manage all arrangements including flights, transfers, venues, accommodation etc, both in Portugal and the UK.
All registered candidates should have a competent level of English. However, everyday language of the UK medical sector, NHS acronyms, documents and even local spoken idioms are all examples of essential functional language to be mastered if new employees are to start contributing quickly in their new roles. Inbound works closely with language training experts who have developed a unique NHS accredited English for Transitional Nurses Course which can be delivered face-to-face or online.
Once candidates accept an offer of employment, we will support them as they integrate into life in the UK … Applying for National Insurance numbers or advising on the process of swapping Portuguese driving licences for UK ones; registering with GPs and dentists or registering children in local schools etc. Ultimately, we are a friendly Portuguese voice at the end of a telephone able to help with any other queries that may arise when moving to the UK.